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Inpatient Drug Rehab Riverside

Inpatient Drug Rehab Riverside

Recovery from addiction is a process. Each individual and each situation is unique, thus presenting different timelines for recovery. Depending on your need, a health care provider will recommend either inpatient or outpatient care.

Neither inpatient nor outpatient care at Riverside CA alcohol treatment centers is better than the other. Instead, the nature of your situation will qualify for inpatient or outpatient care depending on a variety of factors.

Inpatient drug and alcohol program

A residential Riverside drug rehab help individuals with severe substance use challenges. Patients at an inpatient rehabilitation facility live within the treatment facility, an environment structured by healthcare professionals to offer recovery every step of the way.

An inpatient facility offers 24-hour onsite support for patients who need immediate help. One of its advantages is that it removes the patient from stressors that encourage their nasty habit.

At the top rehab centers in Riverside, you will be encouraged to recover at the inpatient recovery center and break away from the self-destructive cycle.

Also, through a partnership with de-escalation programs, you will receive help in taking the second and third steps towards achieving and maintaining a drug-free life.

Outpatient drug alcohol programs

Outpatient addiction treatment in Riverside, California, is ideal for patients looking to mitigate their use of substances. You will participate in the outpatient programs from your home by attending partial day clinics or online means. They also offer individual-level care tailored towards the patient's needs.

The outpatient rehab services are offered once or twice a week for at least 60-90 minutes in every session. It can take the form of group, family, one-on-one, or individual therapy sessions.

With individual therapy, you will identify areas in your life that need progress. In contrast, group therapy enables the group to focus on skills, themes, and trends that will help reverse self-destructive habits and actively pursue freedom.

Inpatient or outpatient care?

The two treatments differ on both duration and treatment type. Both offer respective benefits, as they offer the level of attention and care that you require. These points will help you decide whether you need inpatient or outpatient rehab services.

Frequency of craving

Inpatients care ideal for clients who experience more frequent and aggressive urges to practice unhealthy habits. For those with infrequent and less aggressive urges to indulge in substance use can go to outpatient services.

Need for treating co-occurring disorders

Inpatient care delivers all the care and medication you need for treating co-occurring disorders. Also, you will receive the help you need to manage substance use and abuse at an inpatient facility, considering your existing conditions. Also, mild mental conditions associated with addiction can be treated at outpatient mental health centers.


Patients with difficulty attending individual or group therapy sessions should consider an inpatient rehab facility where professionals are readily available to help them with their journey. Otherwise, if you feel you are well motivated to attend the therapy sessions, treatment, and counseling, you can go for outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. 

No matter the type of care you need, help is on standby. Find the best rehab service that will take you back your freedom from addiction.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Riverside

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