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Christian Sex Addiction Rehab

Christian Sex Addiction Rehab

Boulder Recovery offers a 14-day intensive healing program for men suffering from addiction to sex, porn, and masturbation. Set in an inspiring setting in Boulder, CO, our Christian sex addiction rehab helps individuals re-establish their connection with the creator and restores their faith.

Christian based vs. traditional rehab

Christian rehabs use Bible study sessions, scripture readings, sermons, daily prayer, and reflection sessions to help individuals re-establish their connection with God and renew their faith to overcome their sex/porn addiction. These rehabs also conduct faith-based 12-step programs and provide pastoral counseling services to help clients achieve holistic recovery.

Alternatively, traditional rehabs use a science-based approach to address and treat sex addiction. Therapies at a traditional rehab center include psychotherapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, dialectical behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatments, etc. Some rehabs also use holistic therapies like yoga and meditation alongside psychotherapies to help patients garner the best treatment outcome.

Do I have a sex addiction?

Individuals suffering from sex addiction lack control over their impulses. Men addicted to sex go to any length to fulfill their desires, such as lying, cheating, pay for sex, etc. You may have a sex addiction problem, if:

  1. You engage in sex with multiple partners and craving it to the point that it affects your other engagements
  2. You feel the urge to engage in excessive sexual activity despite wanting to stop
  3. You wish to cut down on sexual activity but find it impossible.
  4. You spend several hours a day thinking about sex or engaging in activates related to sex
  5. Procrastinating other obligations in the pursuit of sex

Besides, engaging in sexual behavior despite facing problems in relationships and escalating sexual activity to achieve the same euphoria or desired effect as before. We are a leading rehab for pornography and Christians, and we help men cope with trauma and overcome their behavioral and mental health issues.

What is the treatment for sex addiction?

Several rehab centers address addiction to pornography using evidence-based and holistic therapies and counseling. Ranked as the best rehab for porn addiction treatment in Boulder, here is a list of treatments that we offer:

  1. Inpatient treatment 

Our 14-day intensive healing program removes individuals from their daily lives equipping them with essential skills and coping mechanisms to regain control of their impulses. The 14-day intensive program offers unsurpassed help for porn-addicted Christians and allows them to heal with individual and group therapy sessions.

  1. 12-step programs

Joining support groups like Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) plays a pivotal role in helping clients overcome sex addiction. It educates participants on how to refrain from compulsive and destructive sexual behavior. Not to mention, group meetings also provide you with access to a network of communal support.

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy

It is one of the highly effective psychotherapies that help individuals identify triggers for sexual impulses and teaches them ways to alter undesired behaviors. Our Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men offers one-on-one CBT sessions to help clients overcome their sex, masturbation, and porn addiction.

Call us at 720-902-9919 to learn more about the 14-day intensive healing program at Boulder Recovery. As a premier Christian sex addiction rehab, we provide high-end accommodations to help our clients feel comfortable during recovery.

Christian Sex Addiction Rehab
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Christian Sex Addiction Rehab
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