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Christian Psychologist South Edmonton

Christian Psychologist South Edmonton

We are a team of non-judgmental and experienced psychiatrists and psychologists at Family Life, offering counseling and assessment services. Our Christian psychologist in South Edmonton, Joel Pukalo, specializes in facilitating relational healing and cohesion. Here are the five reasons to get help from our Christian psychologist:

1. Conquering marital/relationship problems

Christian counseling is the best place to turn to if you have relationship issues. When two people enter a marriage, Christianity sees it as a lifetime commitment to love and honor one another. It places significant value on the sacrament of marriage, and divorce is not an option. Our Christian therapists in Edmonton, AB, try their best to keep families together by encouraging the married couple to work through their issues. Through marital counseling, we prevent individuals from giving up on their marriages and attempt to repair their damaged relationships.

2. Coping with parenting challenges

Nothing prepares for you as a parent like our Edmonton Christian counseling. Raising children can be one of the most tedious tasks, and it is common to experience several ups-and-downs, challenges, and frustrations along your journey. A Christian counselor can make your endeavor less daunting and more gratifying with a couple of pointers, tips, and tricks drawn from the biblical teachings. Christian counseling can do miracles for those unable to identify their child's needs, problems, or developmental challenges. While parenting responsibilities can feel overwhelming, we can help you sail through your child's developmental years with flying colors.

3. Support for mental health conditions

Our faith-based counseling in Edmonton can provide you support and act as an outlet to express your feelings and suppressed emotions. Through Christian counseling, we help patients see that they are children of God just like everybody else, which provides them with optimism, comfort, and solace. We also refer patients battling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses to top psychiatrists to help them seek medical help.

4. Recovering from grief & loss

The death of a family member or loved one can be excruciatingly heartbreaking, and you may feel like you will never return to normality again. While the grieving period seems to last forever, we teach patients that the pain will eventually subside. We offer Christian counseling for couples in Edmonton, AB, and help the bereaved come to terms with their loved ones' loss, which allows them to heal and recover from their pain and suffering.

5. Healing from substance abuse & addiction

Addiction can take complete control over you and destroy your life over time. We help our clients see how important and valuable they are in the eyes of God and enable them to unearth their emotional agony and trauma that triggers the use of drugs or consumption of alcohol. Our Christian counselor can infuse you with the strength and courage to overcome your addiction condition and set you up for a healthy, sober, and fulfilling life.

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Christian Psychologist South Edmonton

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