Alcohol Detox in Newport Beach for Women

Alcohol Detox in Newport Beach for Women

Sober Partners is a leading rehab for  alcohol detox in Newport Beach for women with high success rates and a dedicated clinical team. The recovery process can sometimes be is a painful, long, and intimidating process. Our job is make it less daunting  and improve our patients' comfort via personalized care, evidence-based therapies, and customized treatment plans.

Importance of detox for alcohol addiction

Some of the withdrawal symptoms that recovering addicts may experience include depression, anxiety, irritability, high blood pressure, cravings, dehydration, etc. Receiving detox at one of the Newport beach drug and alcohol rehab centers can reduce the pain and discomfort typical in the early stages of your recovery and help you get sober in a calm and composed manner. 

The program also prepares you for a long-term recovery process, strengthening your commitment to sobriety and minimizing the risk of long-term relapse.

Can I detox at home?

Detoxing at home is not a safe or healthy option as drug detoxification can be both painful and dangerous. You must have access to clinical assistance throughout detox to overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely. For starters, you may not possess the knowledge or experience to administer a detoxification procedure at home. Detoxing from long-term addiction to benzos, heroin, opioids, alcohol, etc., can also cause you to experience adverse withdrawal symptoms like DTs, anxiety, hallucinations, flu-like symptoms, etc. In worst cases, self-administered detox can cause you to end up in the ER.

Joining one of the detox facilities in Newport Beach can help you get clean in a safe, calm, and pain-free manner. The premier clinicians at our drug rehab in Orange County will prepare you for long-term sobriety using therapy, counseling, and other evidence-based treatments following medical detox.

The detox process

The detox treatment differs from one drug rehab in Newport Beach, CA, to another. Here are some of the steps you will undergo during the detox process:

  1. Evaluation

The evaluation phase marks the first stage in the detox process. Our clinical team will conduct a comprehensive medical exam and psychiatric screening on incoming patients for potential issues. We also review each patient's addiction history to create a long-term treatment plan and identify any .

  1. Stabilization

After assessment and evaluation, we stabilize the patient using counseling and psychological therapy. Stabilization prevents the recovering addict from any form of harm. Our licensed physicians also prescribe specific medications to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and prevent any complications.

  1. Preparing entry into treatment

In the final stage, our doctors inform recovering addicts with what to expect during the treatment process. We are one of the few premier treatment centers in Newport Beach to use psychotherapy, individual and group therapy during and after detox to help patients garner the best outcome in recovery.

Our alcohol detox in Newport Beach for women stimulates the body to flush out any drug or alcohol-related toxins and minimizes the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. Give sobriety a try! Call us now! Verify your insurance with Sober Partners at 844-262-8701 and prepare for a transformative journey at our leading rehabilitation facility.

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