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Treatment Center Lake Forest

Treatment Center Lake Forest

If you require assistance with your drug or alcohol addiction, our treatment center in Lake Forest is the ideal destination. Still Water Wellness Group offers customizable rehabilitation treatment, allowing patients to find relief from the withdrawal, detox, and heal in a comfortable and secure facility.

Meet our rehabilitation team!

Our rehab professionals come with decades of collective experience in alcohol and drug rehab in Lake Forest, having dealt with numerous cases over time. They can cope with even the most severe cases, providing patients with a safe and welcoming recovery setting where they can heal at their own pace. Our staff’s expertise includes drug addiction, alcoholism, dual diagnosis conditions, healthy living, behavioral sciences, etc.

Our team includes:

  • Dr. Naficy (Medical Director) – A Certified Family Physician with 25+ years of experience in the field.
  • Robbie LaMattina (CEO) – The founder of our facility, putting all his faith, energy, and hard work into building a safe haven for people who need it the most.
  • Matthew Bruno (Program Manager) – Matthew has a degree in psychology and an unbroken commitment to change people’s lives.
  • Clint Kreider (Clinical Director) – A veteran in drug addiction treatment in Lake Forest, combining his psychology expertise with a fiery motivation to help patients recover and embrace long-term sobriety.
  • Joshua Ori (Operations Manager) – A passionate, competent, and energetic professional with an inclination towards helping patients recover, heal, and reintegrate into society as healthy and active members.
  • Michael Termine (Case Manager) – A rehab professional with a law degree and vast experience as a case manager, counselor, and rehabilitation expert and coordinator.
  • Selena Ori (Executive Assistant) – Selena is an invaluable addition to our team of experts, specializing in rehab for drugs and alcohol, aftercare counseling, and healthy living.
  • Taylor Russell (MAT Program Supervisor) – Taylor is a true professional, combining her medical knowledge and passion for ensuring our patients’ safety and comfort during rehab and beyond.

How our rehabilitation program will help you

Joining our addiction treatment rehab program is key for battling addiction safely and comfortably. The rehabilitation process will unfold over several months, depending on multiple factors like your age, medical condition, addiction severity, response to treatment, etc. We have a reputation for providing individuals with reliable solutions to overcoming the withdrawal and embracing long-lasting sobriety post-rehab.

The rehab treatment will allow you to:

  • Overcome the withdrawal in a safe, supportive, and controlled environment
  • Fight off cravings and harmful behaviors and thoughts
  • Become more positive and confident in yourself
  • Improve your self-esteem and determination to reach your sobriety goals
  • Understand your addiction and its triggers
  • Regain your mental and emotional stability
  • Fight for a better, healthier, and more fulfilling lifestyle post-rehab, etc.

Our treatment center in Lake Forest welcomes individuals dealing with all types of substance abuse disorders and mental conditions. At Still Water Wellness Group, we ensure our patients’ safety and comfort throughout the recovery process. Contact our best rehab centers in Lake Forest at 1-800-563-8983, speak to one of our rehab experts, and make an appointment for a clinical assessment and detox today!

Treatment Center Lake Forest
Still Water Wellness Group
Treatment Center Lake Forest
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