Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center

Bipolar Disorder Treatment Center

When someone is going through episodes of depression or mania, it is natural to want to ward off or relive overwhelming moods or feelings. The unfortunate truth is that bipolar disorder and drug or alcohol addiction often go hand-in-hand due to the immediate relief of symptoms that these substances may provide. While using drugs or alcohol may help relieve some of the distressing symptoms you experience, you could feed the same mechanisms in the brain that make bipolar so overwhelming. The best course of action is looking for a good bipolar disorder treatment center to get you the guidance you need.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder

Anyone with bipolar disorder will have noticeable mood swings that make it difficult to enjoy normal daily functions. You might feel upbeat for a period of time and then sink into feelings of despair without warning. It is normal for such mood changes, and it can sometimes impair your ability to maintain relationships or hold down a job.

A manic period is often very upbeat, to the point where it may seem like you want to do things you may otherwise never think of. This may include dangerous or toxic behaviors. Depression times can be very unpredictable and involve times of low self-esteem and hopelessness. In extreme cases, thoughts of suicide could even go through the mind.

Did you know? A period where feelings are very upbeat with bipolar will be called manic stages.

Moods are known to fluctuate between two extreme states with bipolar disorder. Some people could experience more upbeat moods than others or vice versa. There are usually three categories to this disorder, which include:

  • Bipolar 1 – This is when you have one or more manic states that last for a minimum of 7 days.
  • Bipolar 2 – This is a singular, major depressive episode that lasts for at least two weeks.
  • Cyclothymic – This is a mixture of depressive and manic episodes that happen daily for at least 7 days.

Because of the nature of this condition, it is best for someone to seek a quality bipolar disorder treatment center to get the care and support they need. Whenever someone is in the middle of a manic episode, or you start feeling one coming on, there can be extreme feelings of recklessness. Such a state often makes alcohol and drugs seem as though they’re no big deal. When you have bouts with overwhelming sadness during downtimes, drugs/alcohol will be looked at as a “feel good” option to lessen the depressive state.

Do you need to learn more about entering into a bipolar disorder treatment center? Are you curious about getting care for a loved one? We are here to help at Annie’s House. We offer a broad range of treatments and services at our facility to provide patients and their families the care they need to move through bipolar disorder and the various moods that come with it. If you have questions, please contact us by calling (385) 324-3905. Our 24-hour hotline is always there when you need someone to reach out to.

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