Addiction Treatment In Indiana

Any form of addiction, especially, substance abuse usually has a co-occurring disorder. We call this a dual diagnosis and formulate comprehensive treatment plans that address all conditions. At Indiana Inpatient Rehab, we develop customized therapies based on each client’s individual needs. Our dual-diagnosis addiction treatment in Indiana emphasizes inpatient rehabilitation therapy, a perfect antidote for psychiatric crises.

How does addiction treatment for dual diagnosis work?

Co-occurring disorders accompany addiction for various reasons, and we do our independent investigative assessments to understand the logistics of it. Sometimes, there’s an onset because of career substance abuse, and other times it’s a premorbidity factor. Whatever order dual-diagnosis comes in, we have integrative therapies to re-tool the brain and help residents regain life/health balance.

Controlled substances and alcohol distorts the brain’s chemical messengers that influence our personality traits. As this brain disease festers, a vicious cycle of destructive behavior, violence, despair, loneliness, and even death may follow. Our goal here is to stop addicts from going down this path and help those in transitional stages rise above it. PTSD survivors are a vulnerable group. 

Alcoholism often leads to:

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Depression
  • Sleeping issues
  • Personality problems, etc.

Why treat dual diagnosis and addiction?

Knowing that co-occurring disorders may either drive the vulnerable addiction or be a component of it, we cannot ignore these trends. If we do, there’s a definite possibility of recovering addicts abusing drugs or alcohol again. Our therapeutic addiction treatment in Indiana programs aim to help residents achieve total sobriety and prevent relapse. That said, our therapies are all-encompassing and resolute.

With the understanding that substance abuse disorders and mental health illnesses share some symptoms, we screen for both. Some identical symptoms include:

  • Anxiety
  • General discontentment
  • Insomnia

How the rehab process works

After we conduct our series of exams, we will disclose the results and suggest possible treatment options for both disorders. During our evaluations, we call on the expertise of licensed counselors, psychiatrists, clinicians, and psychologists to provide a detailed diagnosis. 

For the duration of admission, our inpatient addiction center provides 24-hour supervision, follow-up counseling, integrative treatment, and motivational conditioning. The therapies we provide are safe and meet accreditation standards for addiction rehabilitation, which include:

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy - DBT emphasizes mental reconditioning strategies to curb drug abuse, self-harming habits, attempts, urges, and help the addicted overcome suicidal feelings.
  • Support/peer group therapy - Having a community where bias, prejudice, and judgment isn’t the order of the day, allows individuals to talk about their problems openly.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy - CBT is another dose of mental reconditioning stimulus to rewire perceptions and stop the cycle of negative thinking.
  • Family therapy - Of course, relatives, friends, siblings, children, colleagues, and spouses are a source of strength in our book. In a quintessential addiction recovery environment, we create opportunities to re-establish trust relationships and bonding.
  • Contingency management - There are hiccups along the way that will test strengths and weaponize weaknesses. We have built a reward system and incentivized vouchers to help motivate our residents.

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Addiction Treatment In Indiana
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Addiction Treatment In Indiana
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